Autonomous/Automated Vehicles: Technology, Timing and Standards

Wednesday, July 12 2:25pm

Where is the auto industry taking us?  Are we really going to have automated vehicles driving themselves?  When is this all supposed to happen?  What kind of technologies have to be developed to do automated driving?  How do you control the vehicle if there is no steering wheel and no brake?  How do autonomous/automated vehicles think?  Are they smarter and faster than humans?  Are all vehicles going to be connected to the cloud so “Fast and Furious 7” actually happens in our towns and cities with remote controlled crashing vehicles everywhere?  What is LIDAR?  How does LIDAR, Sonar and Video all work together to make a safer vehicle?  What’s an autonomous highway going to look like?  Is my insurance going to go up?  What does this mean about drive time to work?  Who is going to benefit from autonomous/automated vehicles?  Why are all these automotive technical developments important to the semiconductor industry?  What should you continue to look for related to change?  Where are the opportunities?  How do I connect with Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers in the Auto Industry?

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