Meet the Experts: Reliability Yardstick for Automotive Semiconductors

Smart Transportation Pavilion, North Hall Thursday, July 11
10:30am to 12:30pm

Environmental challenges meant more electronics squeezing every last drop of efficiency in a vehicle. The whole “Shabang” about electrification of vehicle brings new reliability challenges to Automotive semiconductors. A typical mission profile for a vehicle has change dramatically with more up time and higher number of temperature excursion cycles. Beyond the AEC Q100/101, there is ECPE guideline for AQG324 for lifetime reliability and aging model. The ISO26262 for functional safety pre-empting system failure by having specifics diagnostics watch dog on critical semiconductors components to comply with an Automotive Safety Integrity Level required for certain application features. Are these standards and criteria up-to-date in quantifying the long term robustness & safe use of Automotive semiconductors for the life of a vehicle?

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