Keynote: “IoT Reality Check”

Tuesday, July 11 2:05pm

In the last few years, IoT hype has been deafening. We’ve been bombarded by a barrage of technology messages and predictions, such as billions of devices getting connected and creating trillions of dollars of economic value. While all true, IoT is not really about those things. It is about thousands of organizations that already use IoT to optimize their operations, introduce new business models and create new revenue streams.

In this talk, Mr. Kranz will walk in the shoes of people who are taking first steps on the IoT journey to transform their businesses, industries and careers. An IoT pioneer and author of the New York Times best-selling book, “Building the Internet of Things,” Maciej will share successful use cases, common mistakes and practical best practices. He will cut through the hype to show the reality of IoT today.

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