Semiconductor, Capital Spending, Equipment Outlook: Here We Go Again

Thursday, July 13 8:40am

Key Issues: 

  1. What is the latest forecast for the semiconductor industry?
  2. What is the outlook for capital spending? 
  3. What will manufacturing technology look like in 10 years? 

2016 saw capital spending finally surpass the previous record set in 2000, and prospects for the immediate future are even more encouraging. Memory shortages are driving investment new capacity; 10nm is aggressively moving into production. However, many the same future challenges remain. The semiconductor industry is entering a period where many of the traditional drivers of growth are changing and the pace of technological innovation is slowing.   This presentation will present an overview of our latest forecasts for the semiconductor industry, capital spending and equipment markets, and will examine the challenges to the equipment industry emerging from changing growth patterns.

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