Navigating the Dynamic Future Landscape of Connected Vehicle Business Models

Thursday, July 13 9:30am

Key issues:

  • What is the expected growth in connected vehicles through 2025?
  • Which connected vehicle business models are forecast to generate the most business impact?
  • How will next generation networks improve and expand the use cases for connected/autonomous vehicles?

The coming decade promises profound changes in the automotive industry as a result of the expanded use of sensors, accelerated connectivity and advancing software development. The combination of these factors has sparked new generations of connected vehicles and will lead to the introduction of commercially available, truly autonomous vehicles between 2020-2025. This evolution of connectivity and advanced software has already spawned disruptive business models around ride sharing, fleet management, and data-driven insurance products, among others. This presentation will address the evolving ecosystem of new business models being inspired and supported by smarter, always connected vehicles.


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