IOT and the Future of Healthcare

Thursday, July 13 3:35pm

A new digital health ecosystem is emerging around the remote monitoring of patients and virtual care delivery that promise to improve access to care for patients, lower costs for physicians, and help insurers reduce emergency room utilization and readmissions to hospitals that drive most of the cost of healthcare today. The challenge to delivering this promise of faster, better and less expensive care starts with the efficient routing of personal health data from a patient’s location to the physician or provider site. A new generation of IOT consumer devices may offer the most efficient and user friendly way to capture Bluetooth-based physiological data at home, bio-authenticate it to insure it is the patients’ own data, and route it to healthcare providers for remote monitoring or virtual care online. This framework of easy to use, voice activated IOT devices that are already in the market today will evolve to support powerful medical applications in the near future. This talk describes this ecosystem in terms of types of personal health devices that are relevant, the use cases for Health IOT, the standards that will make this technically feasible, and how this data can support the major investments now being made in machine learning and AI technology for healthcare services

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