Addressing IoT Applications by Leveraging 300 mm Technology Solutions to Enable New Process Capabilities at 200mm 

Moscone North, TechXPOT North Thursday, July 12 2:30pm

A wide range of applications in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and cellular communications are increasingly dependent on devices such as sensors (MEMS, CIS, and IR Sensors), advanced power semiconductors, analogue / mixed signal, and RF ICs. Furthermore, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that these devices are more and more often “intelligent” and networked. 

This proliferation of diverse, intelligent, and connected systems is, in turn, driving the demand for advanced yet cost-effective fabrication capability to enable the next generation of devices. To satisfy this demand, manufacturers and foundries require semiconductor processing solutions that enhance their fab productivity and capital efficiency while offering advanced technical capability. 

Lam Research has been working to extend our product lifecycle through technology enhancements and productivity upgrades to our deposition, etch, and clean technologies to ensure we meet the needs of our customers supporting these applications. In many instances, these developments draw on features introduced to address process challenges in advanced 300 mm CMOS applications. They not only focus on our deep silicon etch technology, which is already an established process in MEMS, power device, and advanced packaging schemes, but also enabling PECVD, single wafer clean solutions, and the processing of new materials such as piezoelectric thin films and wideband gap semiconductors. In parallel, through a process of continuing innovation, we are consistently introducing our own suite of smart manufacturing tools that allow these process solutions to be deployed with improved operational efficiency and productivity. 

In this presentation, we will review both these technical and productivity solutions and provide examples of how their parallel implementation can provide the most effective platform for the fabrication of advanced devices for IoT applications. 

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