Vision, Alignment, and Execution of Foundry/OSAT Partnerships to Meet Customer Requirements

Wednesday, July 12 2:55pm

Advanced packaging technologies are increasingly driving full responsibility of yield and cost of the module to one owner.  This can be realized by two distinct models, one in which the Foundry does both the silicon fab and the packaging, and the other, which is the focus of this presentation, in which the Foundry develops, qualifies, and owns a collaborative Foundry + OSAT supply chain.   The advantage of both these models is that the customer has consistency of price and one entity to go to for any problem.   Increasing technology complexity, such as in 2.5D, drives increasing complexity and higher yield and cost risk that many customers are not willing or do not have the infrastructure to own.   

In this presentation, I will summarize GLOBALFOUNDRIES approach to a collaborative Foundry/OSAT partnership on complex packaging technologies, from strategy through execution.  This will include how we align resources and deliverables with our OSAT partner, characterize critical IP, how we decide on product/test flow and thus make appropriate technology decisions with our partners, how we align test expectations and coverage of critical and high cost components, who our world-wide data infrastructure system works to provide inventory, yield, and test data within minutes, and how we align on timing of engagement with our partners.





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