Cloud Computing Accelerates Innovation

Thursday, July 13 11:45am

Cloud is characterized by big data and rapid changes. Data traffic through the cloud has grown dramatically and is projected to accelerate its growth, which will be driven by more data per user and new applications such as self driving cars, connected factories, and machine to machine communications. This big data requires the cloud to increase compute power, storage capacity, and networking infrastructure.

The accelerated rate of growth is driving a faster rate of change than ever before and one that is challenging the traditional capabilities of semiconductor manufactures. To accommodate these changes, cloud service operators are taking multiple approaches that range from virtualization, software defined functions, accelerators, and faster adoption of new technologies. Semiconductors vendors who can support these requirements stand to gain big, while those anchored in traditional development cycles risk losing out. This environment is also opening the door to new entrants who are developing more programmable switches or specialized accelerators, or high-speed connectivity. This talk will look at major transitions for chip makers caused by the CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) adoption of new approaches and technologies as well as the development direction of components optimized for this changing environment.

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