Scaling Thin Film PV Technology to Bankability – Supply Chain and Manufacturing Challenges

 Wednesday, July 11, 2012
10:30am – 12:30pm
PV Production and Technology Hall Stage, Moscone North

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Moderator:  Matt Feinstein, Senior Analyst, Lux Research Inc.



Supply Chain and Manufacturing Challenges. With the promise of lower costs and longer system lifetimes, Thin Film PV technologies are starting to gain traction against c-Si.  This program will address what manufacturing, technology, supply chain advances are needed to improve bankability and market share.

10:30am-10:50am  Ashley

Greg Ashley (Biography)

Vice President and COO

Solar Frontier, U.S.

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10:50am-11:10am  Lee

Dr. Howard Lee (Biography)

Sr. Vice President & Chief Technical Officer 

Stion, U.S.

Presentation in pdf

11:10am-11:30am Holzapfel

Dr. Florian Holzapfel (Biography)

Chief Executive Officer

Calyxo, U.S.

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11:30am-11:50am Norris

Christopher Norris (Biography)

Chief Executive Officer

Alta Devices, U.S.

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Dr. Jason Corneille (Biography)

Vice President Product Technology

Miasole, U.S.

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