PV Manufacturing in the U.S. – A Vision for the Future

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10:30am – 12:30pm
PV Production and Technology Hall Stage, Moscone North

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Moderator: Ned Harvey, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Finance, Rocky Mountain Institute


Beyond policy and financial constraints of today, this program will reveal the shape of the future industry structure from manufacturing to energy production where value and performance become the new paradigm. This program will highlight perspectives from multinational solar/renewable energy company leaders to provide strategic insights to help roadmap a successful value chain focused approach to ensure success of manufacturing in the US.

10:30am-10:50am  Jeannine Sargent

Jeannine Sargent (Biography)
President, Renewable Energy and LED Lighting


(Presentation in PDF)

10:50am-11:10am  Eric Peeters

Eric Peeters (Biography)

Vice President, Clean Energy

Dow Corning Solar Solutions

(Presentation in PDF)

11:10am-11:30am Andrew Beebe

 Andrew Beebe (Biography)

Chief Commercial Officer

Suntech Power

(Presentation in PDF)

11:30am-11:50am Chase Weir

Chase Weir (Biography)
Chief Executive Officer

Distributed Sun

11:50am-12:10pm Bettina Weiss

Bettina Weiss (Biography)
Vice President, PV Group

(Presentation in PDF)


Panel Discussion and Q&A


Ned Harvey (Biography)

Chief Operating Officer and Program Director, Solar Market Transformation Program

Rocky Mountain Institute




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