SIA/SEMI Industry Innovation Policy Dialogue
What’s New, What’s Next, What’s Needed in Semiconductor R&D Policy

Thursday, July 12
Room 125, Lower North Hall
Moscone Center


Co-presented by:


Join us for a panel which will explore the future of semiconductor and microelectronic research, and the necessary policies to get us there. We will discuss research investments made by the federal government, the university community, and industry that are needed to drive future growth in MEMS, 3-D enablement, 450mm, system design, nanotechnology, standards and wireless. Hear from industry, academic, and government experts about what’s new in R&D and where emerging trends can lead the industry with the proper policy support.



Networking luncheon





Welcome/Introduction Moderator


Brian Toohey (Bio)

President and CEO

Semiconductor IndustryAssoc.



Opening remarks


Dr. Omkaram Nalamasu (Bio)

Chief Technology Officer

Applied Materials



Opening remarks  

Dr. David G. Seiler (Bio)

Chief, Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology



Opening remarks


Dr. Hans Stork (Bio)
Chief Technology Officer

ON Semiconductor



12:00pm  Panel Discussion





 Closing remarks

Denny McGuirk (Bio)

Chief Executive Officer







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