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Productivity Innovation: Reducing Cost and Improving Performance at 200mm/300mm Wafer Fabs
Hosted by the Secondary Equipment and Applications Americas Chapter


Wednesday, July 10
South Hall, Moscone Center


Many of today’s most productive 200mm and 300mm fabs are successful because they excel at rapid changeover and process flexibility, leverage the secondary equipment market for reduced cost and fast ramp up, and deploy the latest advances and ideas in tool and materials productivity.  This session will provide practical solutions and ideas to improve productivity at existing lines and fabs, including materials management, use and recovery, secondary equipment solutions, predictive tool maintenance and uptime strategies, energy efficiency, and other ideas for mature process lines and fabs.







200mm Fab Life Extension

(Presentation Not Available)


John Cummings

Managing Director

Marketing & Business Development | Components and Systems Group

Applied Global Services




Integration of Disruptive Materials for Advanced Non-Volatile Memories

(Presentation in PDF)


Wilbur Catabay (Biography)

CTO, SVP of Technology

Telefunkensemi TDCS



Used Equipment Market

(Presentation in PDF)

David Duke (Biography)

Director of Capital Development





Efficient Wet Spray Technology,  Etching – Cleaning – Photoresist Stripping

(Presentation in PDF)


Igor Eichinger (Biography)

Head of Process Engineering





Applying Non-visual Defect Inspection to an Existing Mainstream Fab to
Reduce Costs, Increase Tool Utilization, and Deliver Eco-friendly Processing (Abstract)

(Presentation in PDF)


Robert Newcomb (Biography)

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development

Qcept Technologies



Developments and Opportunities in the Secondary Equipment and Applications Markets in Europe

(Presentation in PDF)


Eduard Hoeberichts (Biography)

Chair Executive Council SEA
Co-Chair SEA Europe Chapter




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