Technology and Integration of Advanced FPGA

Wednesday, July 12 11:20am

In past 30 years FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) has grown significantly, including recent several nodes when Moore’s Law faced more challenges in the aspects of technology difficulty, slowing down in progress and more costly, as well as far more design complexity and interactions (between technology, architecture and design).  Nevertheless various silicon, 3D-IC and new packaging technology integration provide mitigations which allow continual FPGA advancement into new data center, 5G wireless and automotive applications.

These advanced new FPGA are from system level joint efforts, from technology, architecture, software, design, packaging including thermal solutions, product testing to operations co-optimization, in order to benefit.  This presentation will illustrate 3D-IC system level co-development in new FPGAs.

Several in-development 3D-IC and packaging technologies, which might impact future FPGAs, will also be briefly discussed.

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