Supplier Quality Line of Defense: Essential Element Across Entire Supply Chain Pyramid

Tuesday, July 11 11:00am

As the semiconductor industry continues to accelerate technology development for future nodes and executes on High Volume Manufacturing (HVM), materials, components and parts quality controls have become one of key priorities.  The Zero Excursion Zero defect mission is the mantra for high volume manufacturing and is dependent on minimizing the variations across all materials and components parameters.  Within the supplier quality management, the focus is no longer limited to supplier-IDM engagement but extends beyond to the sub-suppliers including raw material, component and sub-component suppliers.  The incoming line of defense that allows to manage controls and traceability-on-the-go at every link within the supply chain needs to be established.  Given that semiconductor industry is truly Global, alignment on metrology methods, critical parameters, managing variations is fundamental to establishing controls for defectivity reduction.  Business to business (B2B) data management and transfer of information is essential across the entire integrated supply chain globally.  The need for such an integrated solution and controls driving defectivity reduction and materials compatibility for future technology needs will be discussed.

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