Technology changes in the RF industry: What are the Driving Forces with the Transition to 5G?

Wednesday, July 12 11:00am

Deployment and access to the 3G/4G network has accelerated the smartphone trend. It allows consumption of more messaging, music, photo, movie streaming and video chatting. High quality video download and upload is definitely driving needs for enhanced bandwidth and peak data rates.

This continual growth of mobile data has led to a need to use more of the radio spectrum. In mobile communication, this resource becomes scarce as the number of users and technologies explodes.

In order to face this overflowing demand, handsets have to meet complex requirements such as Multi-band for regional and global roaming, Multi-mode to support multiple cellular modes, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Carrier Aggregation to support broader bandwidths,…

In our talk, we will focus on the RF Front End module and components for cellphones. We will describe how 5G will impact this market. Finally we will highlight the expected technology evolutions from an architecture point of view down to a semiconductor technology perspective.


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