Laser Debonding Implementation for Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging

Tuesday, July 11 4:00pm

High flexibility, performance and size are the essential characteristics for semiconductor packaging needed for smartphone, handheld and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) delivers all of these requirements. In addition, FOWLP is also being considered for various high-performance applications, further expanding its solution space. However, different fan-out packaging process flows and even substrate formats are evolving to serve different market requirements. With decreasing package thicknesses, carrier technologies need to be introduced in order to process wafers and keep yields high. FOWLP process flows can be separated into chip first or chip last process flows, where the requirements for temporary bonding differ fundamentally. Laser debonding can fit both of these applications, but the choice of the adhesive material and the release layer must take these requirements into account.

This presentation will review advances in thin-mold wafers as well as panel handling and processing technologies. Special focus will be given to the debonding demands as well process integration requirements for various fan-out wafer integration flows both from a material as well as equipment point of view. 

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