Enabling Advanced Technology Prototype/Pilot Design and Manufacturing


Thursday, July 14


NorthTwo TechXPOT

  Session Sponsor
Description  As innovation accelerates towards more advanced and integrated silicon based applications including 3DIC, Silicon Photonics, Advanced MEMS, New CMOS Devices and Materials, etc the need for pilot scale design and manufacturing will increase.  This session will highlight the unique pilot scale design and manufacturing services available to technology startups, fabless companies, research organizations, IDMs, and universities to facilitate the rapid commercialization of new and innovative products.



"Crossing the Sub-Wavelength Divide"

Presentation in PDF

Franklin Kalk, Ph.D.  (Biography)

Chief Technology Officer

Toppan Photomasks Inc


“Process Feature Development Opportunities on 300mm 65nm and Beyond CMOS”
  Presentation in PDF

Michael Liehr, Ph.D.  (Biography)
Associate VP of Business, Alliances and Consortia, Professor
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
University at Albany


"Integrated Nanophotonics in Silicon"

Presentation in PDF

Michael Hochberg, Ph.D. (Biography)

Assistant Professor, Photonics

University of Washington

“Bridging the Chasm From Idea to Production for Emerging Technologies”

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Prakash Krishnan (Biography)

Director of Strategic Solutions

SVTC Technologies
 11:50am–12:10pm   "3DIC Multi-Project Wafer Service – A Practical Method for Mixing Technologies on a Single Chip Footprint"

Presentation in PDF

Vans Tyree (Biography)

Research and Development Manager

12:10pm–12:30pm   "Complexities and solutions for integrating die from multiple suppliers in a 3D-IC"

Presentation in PDF

Javier DeLaCruz (Biography)

Director, Manufacturing Technology

eSilicon Corporation
Session Moderator:  Franklin Kalk, Chief Technology Officer, Toppan Photomasks Inc.
 Session presented in cooperation with Toppan Photomasks, Inc .

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