PV Group and ISES Present: From Fragmentation to Collaboration – Critical Factors in Strengthening the Global PV Supply Chain


July 12, 2011
InterContinental San Francisco (InterContinental A - Level 5)

Moderators: David Renné, president, ISES; Bettina Weiss, executive director, SEMI PV Group

ISES and PV Group have joined forces to explore areas where a collaborative approach can produce significant, positive and sustainable impact on the growth of the PV industry worldwide. This workshop will focus on how the PV industry can collectively address cost savings, efficiency gains and increased environmental, health and safety related benefits that are largely independent of product differentiation but contribute to a strengthened, more cohesive and well aligned supply chain in the US and globally. The outcome will be action plan highlights by which industry, as well as organizations such as the PV Group and ISES can identify business practices, formulate initiatives and develop white papers that stimulate improvements in the manufacturing supply chain in ways that ensure continued growth and maturity in worldwide PV markets. Invited speakers will be given clear guidance on the intended outcome and how their presentations can set the stage for the facilitated discussion at the end.


9:00 am


Opening remarks, objectives of workshop

David Renne, President, ISES; Bettina Weiss, Executive Director, SEMI PV Group

9:10 am


ISES Introduction and Current Activities in Collective Industry Engagement

Jennifer McIntosh, Interim Head of Secretariat, International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

9:35 am


PV Group Introduction and 2009-2011 Summary of Supply Chain Collaboration and Roadmap Efforts in Europe and the US

Bettina Weiss, Executive Director, SEMI PV Group





Department of Energy PV Manufacturing Initiative – A Path Towards Supply Chain Collaboration in the US

Dr. Pradeep Haldar, Vice President for Clean Energy Programs; CTO for PVMC, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)

10:20 am



Department of Energy PV Manufacturing Initiative – Introduction to SVTC’s Silicon PV Manufacturing Development Facility; Helping Companies Transition Novel PV Products from the Research Lab into Manufacturing

Dr. Stephen Empedocles, Director, Business Development, SVTC Solar

10:40 am



R&D Perspective: The Role of R&D and Industry-Lab Partnerships, Opportunities for Collaborative Approaches

Brent Nelson, Group Manager, NCPV, NREL

Making Sense of It All – Opportunties and Barriers - A Panel Discussion
11:00 am Coffee Break

11:20 am


From Fragmentation to Collaboration.  Expectations from manufacturers. Is an Internal Roadmap Sufficient?

Robert Muhn, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Trina Solar North America

11:45 am


Equipment Supplier perspective

Christopher O'Brien, Head of Market Development, Oerlikon Solar

12:05 pm


Materials Supplier perspective

Greg Bausch, Solar Product Market Manager, Hemlock

12:30 pm Open Discussion Towards Actionable Results, Next Steps
1:00 pm Closing remarks

You will learn

  • Action plans to Identify Business industry practices
  • Collaborative Approaches to Impacting PV Industry Growth
  • Quality workforce development
  • Product recycling and component scarcity and toxicity
  • Barriers to cost drivers and efficiency gains
  • Ways to Stimulate Improvements in PV Industry

Who should attend

  • Professionals in PV R&D, business development and strategic planning
  • EH&S, PV technology development and manufacturing
  • Procurement from equipment and materials companies
  • PV manufacturers, research institutes and laboratories

Registration is closed

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