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Tuesday, July 12


NorthTwo TechXPOT


Design and Manufacturing Panel: Improving Yield Session

A look at what can go wrong, how to prevent problems, and how to quickly pinpoint the source of yield issues. This panel will look at improving yield from front-end design “must haves” such as ESL modeling and built-in test to back-end restrictive design rules; lithography advances such as EUV and computational scaling; pattern optimization; the effects of CMP and new substrate options; and the future effects of Moore’s Law and 2.5D/3D stacking.
   Moderator: Ed Sperling, Principal, SemiMD

    Sesh Ramaswami (Biography)
Senior Director, Strategy, Silicon Systems Group, WLP and TSV Program
Applied Materials
    Luigi Capodieci, Ph.D. (Biography)
Director DFM/CAD, R&D Fellow
    Kimon Michaels, Ph.D. (Biography)
Vice President, Design for Manufacturability, and Director
PDF Solutions
    Mike Smayling, Ph.D. (Biography)
Senior Vice President, Product Technology
Tela Innovations
    Mark Mason (Biography)
Director, Design Data Integration
Texas Instruments


Design and Manufacturing Panel: Stacking Effects: A Look at How the Global Supply Chain will Change in 2.5D and 3D.

The promise of stacked die has enormous implications for the global semiconductor industry, from design all the way through to packaging and manufacturing. Can this work in a disaggregated industry involving IP from multiple vendors, multiple development tools, different process technologies and companies that have never had to work together in the past?




  Moderator: Ed Sperling, Principal, SemiMD

Stephen Pateras, Ph.D. (Biography)
Product Marketing Director, Silicon Test

Mentor Graphics Corporation

    Javier DelaCruz (Biography)
Director, Manufacturing Technology
eSilicon Corporation

Charles Woychik (Biography)

Director of Marketing and Technical Analysis

Tessera Technologies Inc., Invensas Corporation Group


Colin Baldwin (Biography)

Director of Marketing and Business Development
Open Silicon


Sashi Movva

Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Staff



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