Heterogeneous Integration with MEMS and Sensors


Tuesday, July 12


NorthOne TechXPOT

Hosted by the SEMI Advanced Packaging Committee - Americas

Session Chair Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lang, Head of Fraunhofer IZM
Description With double-digit growth forecasted for the MEMS industry, more MEMS devices and sensors are finding applications into the global market place. Smart phones, handheld gaming devices and consoles, and automotive applications are leading the charge. With devices on the market ranging from pressure sensors, RF-MEMS, accelerometers, and gyroscopes; to microphones, microactuators, compasses, CMOS image sensors, chemical sensors, microfluidics, mirrors, and displays, there’s no doubt that MEMS are growing fast. To paraphrase the ITRS, the intersection of market and technology is calling for “More MEMS and More Than MEMS”. This session will feature speakers from all parts of the ecosystem to address how future visions will be realized through the heterogeneous integration of MEMS and ICs.
 Welcome Remarks and Introduction    Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lang, Head of Fraunhofer IZM


Asif Chowdhury. Analog Devices

Michael Gaitan. NIST



"One Size Doesn't Fit All"

Presentation in PDF

Rob O'Reilly (Biography)

Senior Technical Staff
MEMS Sensors and Technology Group
Analog Devices Inc.



"MEMS and Sensor Packaging and Assembly: Challenges for Heterogeneous Integration"

Presentation in PDF

Jan Vardaman - Biography
TechSearch International



3:00pm-3:10pm  SEMI speaker

"3D Wafer Level Heterogeneous Integration"

Presentation in PDF

M. Juergen Wolf (Biography)

Head of Division HDIWLP/ASSID

Fraunhofer IZM




"CMOS/MEMS Heterogeneous Integration and its

Packaging Technology"

Presentation in PDF

Yoshiaki Sugizaki (Biography)

Senior Manager

Advanced BEOL Technology Department

Device Process Development Center

Toshiba Corporation


"Heterogeneous Integration, Confluence of Tool Boxes"

Presentation in PDF

Gilles Poupon (Biography)

Program Manager

Advanced Packaging


3:30pm-3:40pm  SEMI speaker

"Trends in Automotive Sensor Packaging"

Presentation in PDF

Dr. Horst Theuss (Biography)

Principal Engineer
Sensors, MEMS and Discretes

Infineon Technologies


"Developing the Mid-End Foundry"

Presentation in PDF

Tomas Bauer (Biography)

VP Marketing & Sales

Silex Microsystems


Panel Discussion




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