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450mm Wafer Transition Forum


July 14 , 2011, Thursday


NorthOne TechXPOT



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Description The latest version of the industry roadmap calls for the transition to 450mm to occur in 2012. While that timeframe will likely be adjusted, there has been more concrete indication of chip-maker commitment to advancing the transition. Intel announced that its D1X facility slated to open in 2013 will be 450mm compatible and TSMC has indicated that a 450 mm pilot line could be seen by 2013 or 2014. IMEC and ISMI have well established programs focused on the challenges posed by manufacturing with 450mm wafers. With increasing customer interest in a near-term 450 pilot line development, many critical elements have to be coordinated if the vision of a ramp to affordable high volume manufacturing is to be realized. In this session, industry experts will review the R&D initiatives that may lead to fuller implementation of 450mm wafer processing and provide a status of the prevailing challenges for device makers and their suppliers.
10:30am–10:35am              Welcome remarks/Introduction


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Paolo Gargini (Biography)

Chairman, International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)
Intel Fellow, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Director, Technology Strategy



"Reaping the Benefits of the 450mm Transition"

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Thomas Sonderman (Biography)

Vice-President of Manufacturing Technology




"450mm: It's All About Economics"

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Bob Johnson (Biography)

Research Vice President





"Role of an R&D Consortium, Imec, in a Cost Effective 450mm Migration"

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Hans Lebon (Biography)

VP Fab & Process Step R&D&M Technology





"The Importance of Process Control at 450mm"

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Brian Trafas (Biography)

Chief Marketing Officer


"The 450mm Wafer Transition: An Equipment Supplier's Perspective"

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David Hemker (Biography)

Vice President, New Product Development

Lam Research

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Peter Singer, Group Editorial Director, Pennwell Electronics publications
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