Timothy A. Cavanaugh

Emerging Technology Program Developer
SAE International

A true “car guy” that got his electrical and mechanical training before he was 15 years old from three Master Techs in father’s Five Star/Pace Setter Chrysler Store.  At the age of nine he geared his go-kart to do 55 mph because it just didn’t go fast enough.  Later he rebuilt 426 Hemis, 440 Magnums and 383s for his brothers Cudas and Road Runners. 

During his 25 year career at General Motors, Tim launched over 30 vehicles and has two Chairman’s Awards from General Motors:  one for Telematics Innovation and another for a Flawless Launch.  Tim wrote the requirements to connect OnStar to the Electronic Control Module to feed vehicle health data to a web server for GM Quality Engineers and Major Fleet Accounts.  He also wrote the requirements for Hands Free calling and integrated the first optional WiFi connections into Chevrolet and Cadillac. 

Tim later moved to BAE Systems where he directed the development of a secured military version of OnStar on prognostic steroids and predictive maintenance.  Tim’s team earned a Chairman’s Award for “A Culture of Total Performance”. 

Next, he worked for our U.S. Congress in the National Automotive Center developing technologies for our boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He can’t tell you what he developed or he’d have to shoot you.  

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