The Trend Towards Artificial Intelligence at the Edge Creates New Semiconductor Opportunities in Devices

Thursday, July 13 10:40am

Key Issues:

  • How well is this new need met using current CPU and memory architectures?
  • How is the evolving ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence frameworks and Cloud-based AI services impacting device architectures?
  • How can the semiconductor community capitalize on opportunities to re-define the semiconductor content?

Smart applications and services drive Artificial Intelligence implementation and machine learning, but the current cloud-centric execution model doesn’t scale: latency, always-on bandwidth requirements and privacy concerns suggest a hybrid architecture. Vendors of many kinds of devices (connected home hubs to smart phones) are planning product roadmaps to implement device-based machine learning, on-board data analytics and monetizeable AI services. Attendees of this session will learn where new semiconductor opportunities lie and how to go after this new market.

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