Executive Panel: Meeting the Challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution along the Microelectronics Supply Chain

Yerba Buena Theater Wednesday, July 12
2:00pm to 3:00pm

Due to recent advances in semiconductor technology, the world is on the verge of creating communication methods with unprecedented information exchange capabilities. The Big Data Revolution, or so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, fuses the physical and digital worlds, and has the potential to connect billions of people and dramatically enhance the productivity and effectiveness of organizations. Turning that promise into reality depends on collaboration and continued advances throughout the semiconductor supply chain. The panel, comprised of business executives working across this supply chain, will explore the opportunities and business challenges that this poses.  
• How is Big Data affecting industry from a growth and strategy perspective?
• How and where can predictive analytics have the biggest impact? 
• What effect does this have on collaboration across the supply chain?
• What can we learn from other industries to enhance our existing processes?
• What do these changes mean for device makers, equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers?


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