Keynote: Tetsuro Higashi, TEL, The Semiconductor Industry: Changed and Unchanged

Yerba Buena Theater Tuesday, July 11
9:05am to 9:35am

Semiconductor devices have achieved tremendous performance as an individual component such as the memory, logic and analog, making it possible to have information storages more than an entire library, mathematical calculations much faster than a team of geniuses and pixel resolutions exceeding human vision.

In addition to improving the performance of specific devices individually, the semiconductor industry is now expected to provide innovation as a system for three layers of information technology: the interface between the real world and information networks; the intelligence to enhance creativity and efficiency; and the infrastructure for both communicating and storing information.

With regards to inspiration and creativity, it would be future rather than the past that the semiconductor industry creates the intelligence to extend capability of human being.  Human intelligence empowered by artificial intelligence will be the biggest paradigm shift in human history. Problem-finding, experience-based, flexible computing systems such as neuromorphic devices may be the missing link between conventional semiconductors and the intelligent systems of the future.

Since the author began his career 40 years ago, venture spirits with highly-motivated intelligence, healthy competition and global collaboration have been unchanged success factors of our industry, and it will be. As members of our industry, each of us contributes to accelerate human wellness for sustainable and responsible global growth.

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