Smart Automotive 2: Advancing the Speed & Agility of Connected Vehicles

Moscone North, TechXPOT North Wednesday, July 12
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Session Partner: SAE International

Automotive industry OEMs and first-tier players look to the semiconductor industry for its expertise, speed, and agility in providing integrated electronic solutions focused on ever-increasing customer requirements. As connected vehicles demand more intelligence, speed, and memory to run ADAS, autonomous and automated driving, IoT, and cloud-based communications, the auto industry needs to prepare for what’s around the corner. In the coming five years, just how fast and how often will our vehicles communicate? How fast will the processors operate? How much memory will be available in the smallest footprint? And what will be the production requirements on all the parts and pieces to make an integrated electronics system run flawlessly? At this session, our integration experts will provide insights into the future of electronic technologies as they pertain to the automotive industry. 

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