Secondary Equipment for Mobile & Diversified Applications

Not the Same Old (Used) Market

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hosted by the Secondary Equipment and Applications Americas Chapter


Mobile, IoT, and other consumer-driven applications are changing behaviors throughout the semiconductor supply-chain.  This trend has become noticeable not only at the leading edge, but also for n-2 nodes. 
Many of these applications rely on Analog, Power and other “More than Moore” devices which, in turn,
rely on secondary/legacy equipment for their manufacture. 


To respond to this more uncertain and sporadic market, companies throughout the supply-chain are having
to change their buying and supply strategies.  How are these changes effecting design cycles and buying behaviors?  How do inventory levels effect these decisions? 


This session will explore how users and suppliers alike are adapting to these new cycles, while continuing
to provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions for a broad array of exciting applications.




1:30pm-1:40pm David Duke new photo

Secondary Equipment & Applications Background & Session Introduction

Presentation in PDF

David Duke (Biography)

Director, Capital Equipment Development




Worldwide Fab Status, Trends & Forecast

Presentation in PDF


Christian Gregor Dieseldorff (Biography)
Senior Analyst, Director Market Research


2:00pm–2:20pm   Elie Rahme photo

Maximizing the Lifecycle of 200mm Implanters


Presentation in PDF


Elie Rahme (Biography)

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Business Development

Applied Global Services

2:20pm–2:40pm Tim Hayden photo  

Responding to Supply-Chain Challenges by Extending Equipment Life

Presentation in PDF


Tim Hayden (Biography)


Rite Track




2:40pm–3:00pm Brent Wilson photo

Fab Equipment Needs in a Dynamic Market

Presentation in PDF


Brent Wilson (Biography)

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Supply Chain Operations   

ON Semiconductor





Panel Disussion with Speakers



Session Moderator:

David Duke

Director, Capital Equipment Development





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