Variability Control – A Key Challenge and Opportunity for Driving Towards Manufacturing Excellence
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:30pm-3:30pm


Session Partner: SEMATECH
Variability is one of the biggest challenges when CMOS devices are scaled to meet the demand for
portable electronics with increased functionality. The problem is that device sizes have been downscaled
to the point where the electrical properties of individual devices are very sensitive to small changes in their material properties. A multi-faceted variability reduction approach is needed that comprehends integrates
chip design, process and equipment development.



ITRS Factory Integration WG Update: Prediction and Big Data”


Presentation in PDF


James Moyne, Ph.D. (Biography)

Standards and Technology Specialist for the Applied Global Services Group at Applied Materials


Reducing Cost by Eliminating Variability


Preentation in PDF

Bill Ross (Biography)
Manufacturing Manager 



Reduce Process Variability with Multi Sensor In-Situ Diagnostics


Presentation in PDF

Bill Valentine (Biography)
Chief Technology Officer

Brooks Instrument


Predictive Maintenance is Ready to Improve Factory Productivity


Presentation in PDF


Jimmy Iskandar (Biography)
Senior Data Scientist

Applied Materials


An FDC-Enhanced Arc Detection System


Presentation in PDF

William T. Conner, Ph.D. (Biography)

Director of Applications, Innovation Center



Cpk Based Variation Reduction in 14nm FinFET Technology


Presentationi in PDF


Rohit Pal (Biography)
Manager, Process  Integration


Session Moderator:

Bill Ross (Biography)
Manufacturing Manager 


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