Testing into the Future
Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Hosted by: Collaborative Alliance for Semiconductor Test (CAST)
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The historical barriers between Fab, Assembly and Test are breaking down as new technologies are adopted.  The ITRS Test Roadmap identifies these technologies and CAST activities are directed towards pre-competitive solutions to enable them.  This session will start with updates on the ITRS and CAST activities which will lead into a panel session that will discuss the business implications and opportunities.



10:30am—11:00am   Dave Armstrong photo

Testing Challenges as Predicted by the ITRS


Presentation in pdf

Dave Armstrong (Biography)

Director of Business Development



11:00am—11:30am Mark Roos photo  

CAST Activities Update


Presentation in PDF

Mark Roos (Biography)


Roos Instruments



Panel: “Seeking Growth”


The Test & Packaging industry segment is in the middle of unprecedented change.  Technology is being driven by adoption of Increased Integration, Advanced Packaging, and Adaptive Test.  However, over the last decade, these sectors have not experienced the same growth rates that their customers have enjoyed.   This panel will explore the current business and technology trends, asking CEOs about their growth strategies in challenging markets, touching on topics that include further consolidation, product diversification and new technologies to give increased value to their customers and shareholders



Ron Leckie, INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors (Biography)


Presentation in PDF



Mark Jagiela photo

Mark Jagiela (Biography)




David Tacelli photo

Dave Tacelli (Biography)


Xcerra Corporation


Tom St. Dennis photo

Tom St Dennis (Biography)



Paul McLaughlin photo  

Paul McLaughlin (Biography)


Rudolph Technologies


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