Driving Automotive Innovation-The Enabling Role of Semiconductor and IC Packaging

Session Partner: MEPTEC


Wednesday, July 9

TechXPOT North Stage, North Hall, Moscone Center



Semiconductors are playing a significant role in enabling the sophisticated technology evolution within the automotive sector. The industry has focused on integrating greater intelligence, connectivity, and electronics into today's driving experience. In parallel, the associated semiconductor proliferation is requiring our community to drive innovation for higher performance and increased efficiency. This brings challenges as automotive makers demand rigorous qualification processes, all while maintaining  laser-sharp focus on quality from product design through to production. With features such as infotainment, telematics, electric drivetrains, and self-driving systems poised to become more pervasive options and standard features, the automotive industry is looking to the semiconductor industry to deliver thoroughly reliable and durable technologies. Products emerging in response encompass the most advanced sensors, processors and microcontrollers, and include sophisticated interconnect capabilities. This session will explore the potential for semiconductors in automotive applications, and define ways in which IC packaging can innovate and further evolve to meet the stringent requirements of automobile manufacturers and consumers alike, whose core values ultimately lie in the realm of safety, security and reliability.





James Hines photo

Driving Automotive Innovation: The Automotive Semiconductor Market


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James Hines (Biography)

Research Director 




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Automotive Packaging Trends

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Glenn Daves (Biography)

Director, Packaging Solutions Development 

Freescale Semiconductor




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Mike Zylinski photo

Advanced Package Technology for Automotive (In a Zero Defect World)


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Richard McCann (Biography)

U.S. Package Development Manager

Analog Devices




Mike Zylinski (Biography)

Package Development Manager

Analog Devices




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Package Assessment at Extended Bake Times

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Lance Wright (Biography)

Analog Automotive Packaging Development Manager 

Texas Instruments



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Cu interconnect for automotive applications

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Scott Chen (Biography)

VP Business Promotion & Technology Support

Advance Semiconductor Engineering






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