The Sustainable Technologies Award

Organized Under the Auspices of the SEMI Global Care Program


Award Purpose

The SEMICON West 2014 Sustainable Technologies Award provides recognition of exhibitors who provide equipment, materials, or services that contribute to sustainable improvement of the environment.


Nomination Eligibility

Entry is open to all SEMICON West 2014 exhibitors that produce commercially available equipment, materials, or services that have first been marketed no earlier than January 1, 2011. The technology should be no more than about 3 years old. The entrant must demonstrate how their equipment, material, or service is a sustainable technology by fully addressing the award criteria below. Up to two entries are accepted from a single company, but a separate nomination package is required for each technology. There are no entry fees.


Selection Conditions

Selection will be conducted by a panel of advisers comprised of leading EHS professionals in semiconductor and related high technology fields, but not directly engaged in providing equipment, materials, or services to the industry. There will be one Award winner chosen. The award winner will be selected from a list of no more than six finalists. Up to two finalists each may be selected from the three categories of: Materials; Equipment; and Fab Facilities Support.


Selection Criteria

The evaluation process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment and substantiation of the criteria below. Due to the wide variety of technologies that can be considered, a technology does not need to meet each and every criterion.

  • Is the technology commercially viable, and does it provide a positive environmental impact clearly beyond standard techniques or regulatory compliance?
  • Have the environmental benefits achieved by the technology been validated through a lifecycle analysis?
  • Does the technology improve, protect or make a significant contribution to the sustainable use of natural resources?
  • Is there documented validation that the sustainability improvements provided by the equipment, material, or service is viable, and that improvement goals are realistic.
  • Is there quantifiable data available, base-lined to a sustainable metric (energy, water, waste, etc.)? Are metrics normalized or absolute?
  • Does the equipment, material, or service contribute to lasting sustainable improvement of the environment?

Nomination Package

The following items must be electronically submitted (preferably in MS Word format) to Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior EHS Manager) at by June 10, 2014. [Please note that the original June 1 deadline has been extended.]

Entry proposals will not be returned and will remain the property of SEMI. The entrant gives SEMI permission to publish and promote the content of the entry.


For More Information

For more complete information about the Sustainable Technologies Award or environment, health, safety (EHS), sustainability, or social responsibility issues affecting SEMI members and industry partners, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior EHS Manager) at


New for 2014! – Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion

SEMICON West will feature a distinct exhibition space for companies to showcase their products and / or services that promote sustainable manufacturing. The SEMICON West Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion will provide direct opportunities for companies to market their value to a wide variety of customers and their supply chains involved in high tech manufacturing.


If you would like to exhibit at the SEMICON West Sustainable Manufacturing Pavilion, please visit the Pavilion webpage, located by clicking here.

New for 2014! – Sustainable Manufacturing Forum

In conjunction with SEMICON West and INTERSOLAR North America, the SEMI EHS Division is organizing a four-day event to share information about the latest technologies, products, and management approaches that promote sustainable manufacturing.


The Sustainable Manufacturing Forum will showcase companies and speakers from around the world involved in the manufacture of micro-electronics, nano-electronics, photovoltaics, solid state lights, electronic displays, and other high tech products.


Experts from these industries and their supply chains will address a wide variety of environment, health, safety (EHS), sustainability, and social responsibility topics that affect green manufacturing. If you would like to attend the Sustainable Manufacturing Forum, please visit the Forum webpage by clicking here.

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