Ramesh Ramadoss

Ramesh Ramadoss received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in May 2003. From Jun. 2003 to Dec. 2007, he was employed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Auburn University, Auburn, AL. From Jan. 2008 to Mar. 2012, he was employed as a Manager at FormFactor Inc., Livermore, CA. From Apr. 2012 to May 2015, he was employed as a Senior Manager at Microprobe Inc., San Jose, CA. From Jun. 2015 to Feb.

Tomas Bauer

Tomas Bauer has for more than a decade been in charge of the Global Business Development and Foundry Strategy of Silex Microsystems; helping Silex to grow to a top position in its market space. With a strong focus to understand the market and customer needs, he has deployed one of the more successful business development strategies in the MEMS Foundry space. With Silex being one of the leading players in its field, his work at Silex has played a contributing role in shaping the global MEMS Foundry market evolution.

Pete Beckman

Pete Beckman is the co-director of the Northwestern-Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering.  From 2008-2010 he was the director of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, where he led the Argonne team working with IBM on the design of Mira, a 10 petaflop Blue Gene/Q. Pete joined Argonne in 2002.  He served as chief architect for the TeraGrid, where he led the design and deployment team that created the world's most powerful Grid computing system for linking production HPC computing centers for the National Science Foundation.  After the TeraGrid became fully operational, Pete sta

Mike Chudzik, Ph.D.

Dr. Mike Chudzik joined Applied Materials in 2014. He manages a cross business unit group responsible for product and process gap analysis and response for channel/device, gate, contact and interconnect modules. Prior to his work with Applied Materials, Dr. Chudzik spent 14 years at IBM (2000-2014). Dr. Chudzik started his career working on high-k dielectrics for DRAM and logic devices. He spent 2 years at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, NY) working on atomic layer deposition (ALD) of high-k and metal gate films.

Michael Lercel

Michael Lercel obtained his PhD in Physics from Cornell University. After graduation, he joined IBM Microelectronics working in positions in advanced photomask development, lithography research, and microelectronics equipment strategies. He joined Cymer in 2010 as Senior Director for EUV Product Marketing, and was at SEMATECH in various positions, including Lithography Director and Chief Technologist before joining ASML in 2015.

Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh is the director of inspection product management at Rudolph, focused on patterned and unpatterned inspection products for frontside, edge and backside wafer surfaces. Gurvinder has been with Rudolph for over 12 years in product development and management roles. Prior to Rudolph, he worked as a software consultant of factory automation and yield enhancement software for the semiconductor industry.

Stephen Pateras

Stephen Pateras is responsible for BIST and automotive test solutions at Mentor Graphics’ Silicon Test Solutions Group. Previously, he was Vice President of Marketing at LogicVision, where he was instrumental in defining and bringing to market several generations of semiconductor test products. From 1991 to 1995, Stephen held various engineering lead positions within IBM’s mainframe test group. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, Quebec, Canada.

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