This Year, Get Beyond Smart

This Year, Get Beyond Smart

What does getting beyond smart mean in the global microelectronics industry? It means reconnecting with your customers and their customers. It means getting the expert intelligence you need to stay on trend and ahead of your competitors. And it means experiencing the cutting-edge of changes driving the industry forward.

Fog Computing – Pundit Hype or Critical Foundation for the Internet of Things?

I will open by defining what fog computing is along with some of the rich history of the fields of distributed computing and remote monitoring/control.  Next I will give an overview of the OpenFog Consortium mission, organizational structure and .  I will finish with a introduction to the first major working group product of the consortium, The OpenFog Reference Architecture Release 1.0  published in February, 2017.  There will be time at the end of the session for discussion and I encourage asking challenging questions regarding any of the assumptions or statements made in the session.

Keynote: Brian McCarson, Intel, Extracting Business Value Across all Phases of the IoT

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we do business and the way we live our lives.   But this IoT transformation is an evolution, represented by three distinct phases: connecting the unconnected, creating smart and connected things, and building a software-defined autonomous world.  With an estimated 85% of devices still unconnected, we have a tremendous opportunity to accelerate major technology breakthroughs and innovations that accelerate this evolution across the phases in a variety of market segments.

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