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The Internet of Things in Smart Manufacturing
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Smart Manufacturing: The Key Opportunities and Challenges of the Next Generation of Manufacturing for the Electronics Value Chain
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Tutorial: 2.5D / 3D Integration Technology
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EPackaging Developments for Flexible, Hybrid Electronics 

Coventor wins the “Best-of-West” award for its SEMulator 3D modeling software. Left to right, SEMI’s Karen Savala, Dinesh Bettadapur, vice president, business development at Coventor, who received the award, and Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief of Solid State Technology. Hear more about the SEMulator 3D and all of the Best of West finalists today at the Best of West Showcase in the Advanced Manufacturing Forum at TechXPOT South from 2:00pm-3:30pm.

IoT presents a huge opportunity to improve the business processes in manufacturing, says Oracle’s Atul Mahamuni. The key is to connect machines, analyze data using Big Data techniques, and integrate actionable insights into manufacturing operations. It’s all part of Oracle’s Three-phase Journey to Operational Excellence.

Leading-edge wafer fabs represent one of the most complex manufacturing processes on the planet today, says Ben Eynon of Samsung Austin Semiconductor. While much progress has been made in technologies for monitoring equipment and the environment, the next wave is counting on increased automation and data analytics to ensure the highest degree of process control possible for advanced silicon devices. Visit the Extended Supply Chain Forum on Thursday, 2:00–3:00pm.

Fabs generate a tremendous amount of data, observes Applied Materials’ Kirk Hasserjian. As process and productivity requirements continue at the pace of Moore’s Law, it’ s time to re-examine the role of the service organization. Gone are the days that engineers can detect problems by looking for smoke, spark, smell, sound — sophisticated diagnostic tools are what’s needed today. Visit the Extended Supply Chain Forum on Thursday, 11:30–12:30pm.

“Silicon carbide-based (SiC) power management chips are the industry’s latest growth engine.” 

The “Digital Universe” is doubling every two years, and will reach 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020! So extracting value from big data and analytics has become a key way for companies to compete and grow. A batch of new analytical technologies is now making it possible to find patterns, extract meaning, and make decisions that lead to greater efficiency in manufacturing. Visit the Extended Supply Forum on Thursday, 10:30–12:30pm.

University Day is a special program aimed at helping college students explore a career in microelectronics. Come meet some of the industry’s key suppliers and manufacturers, get an up-close preview of the latest technologies, and discover the many professional opportunities the industry offers. Attend University Day–Future U from 10:30–3:00pm.

“The first wave of hybrid integration is ready for volume production. . . .and it packs the compute power of a supercomputer in a compact, interposer package — with higher performance at lower power.

Companies need partners who can help them keep up with changing marketplace demographics. That’s why Intel and other tech giants are creating strategic partnerships with an increasingly diverse group of suppliers. More and more, companies believe that investing in diverse groups across the entire value chain is smart business in today’s multicultural economy.

This year’s Women in Tech Forum demonstrates that hiring women at all levels in the workplace makes good business sense. Yet gender-based bias persists. Business executives, both men and women, take on some of the myths and stereotypes held about women in the workplace today.

Fan-out technology and 2.5D package portfolios have great potential to bring the promise of wafer-level packaging to the mainstream, says ASE’s CP Hung. The two highly complementary technologies are launching a new era of SiP, and paving the way for the mass deployment of IoT devices.

M&As are creating powerful synergies, China leads the way with new fabs, and smartphones continue to flat-line. All across the supply chain companies are gearing up to meet today’s challenges by realigning business models, strategies, and technologies. The “water cooler talk” has it that collaboration across silos has never been more critical.

“Today’s digital transformation is disrupting every industry in every country,” says John Kern of Cisco Systems. For Cisco, the transformation is changing the way the company interacts with its supply chain. Kern explores shifting business models and innovations in hardware, and describes how Cisco is digitizing its supply chain to prepare for the future.

Explosive growth in multimedia data traffic is putting heavy demands on IT infrastructure. As a result, new system and application requirements are putting ever more focus on power efficiency and cost. An Steegen at imec reveals semiconductor scaling secrets that are addressing these challenges and reviews possible paths forward for process technologies.

Rapidly changing new technologies, accelerated product life cycles, IoT, wearables, and a host of other disruptive developments are driving a paradigm shift. What’s ahead? A panel of experts from industry leaders like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments spells out what it means for Test.

Connecting angels with “the next big thing,” the Start Up Forum connects new and emerging companies with the industry’s leading strategic investors to create a new innovation engine for the semiconductor industry. Hear presentations from hot startups seeking investment capital.

The use of printing technologies in electronic devices is expected to skyrocket within the next five years. The benefits include not only energy and material savings, but also low cost. Hiryuki Ueno of Screen Holdings Co., Ltd., describes multiple approaches to printed electronics and how the industry is gearing up for mass production.

5G smartphones will offer multi-Gbps data rates with msec latency, enabling seamless HDR 4K video, virtual reality, and more. Supporting these and other services yet to be envisioned will be a major challenge. Peter Gammel, CTO at Skyworks Solutions, tells how the industry will meet the challenge as he lays out an RF architectures and integration roadmap for 5G.

Autonomous vehicles are a big deal — not just for the auto industry, but also for society as a whole. To make them “socially acceptable,” a human-centered approach is called for. Check out Maarten Sierhuis as he describes Nissan’s roadmap for developing autonomous vehicles with a human touch.

The path from the 10-nm node through to 5-nm node will involve optical multiple patterning and require capabilities beyond what is currently achievable with EUV lithography. Harry Levinson at GLOBALFOUNDRIES explains how the limitation is not a fundamental issue with optical resolution and provides insight into the types of lithographic techniques that might be used over the next several nodes.

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