Keynotes and Executive Summit



Tuesday, July 12



Opening Keynote: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Connect
John Kern 
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, 
Cisco Systems



Silicon Innovation Forum Keynote: 
Conor Madigan, PhD
President and COO, Kateeva

Wednesday, July 13



"CONNECT" Executive Summit

M&As are creating powerful synergies, China leads the way with new fabs, advanced packaging enables emerging apps while scaling is more expensive, and smartphones continue to flat-line. Panelists from across the supply chain will offer an insider’s view of how they are realigning business models, strategies, and technologies to meet the challenge. Collaboration across silos has never been more critical as changes in node progression must now accommodate system integrators. Where’s it headed and what’s the next big thing?

Join us on the Keynote Stage to explore these ideas and hear from leading industry executives from all segments of the extended supply chain as they weigh in on these ever-evolving themes.




Denny McGuirk
President and Chief Executive Officer, SEMI


Tim Archer
Chief Operating Officer
Lam Research


Michael Campbell 
Senior VP, Engineering, Qualcomm

Bridget Karlin
Managing Director, Internet of Things Group, Intel 

Bertrand Loy 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Entegris



Thursday, July 14



Closing Keynote:

Internet of Things in Smart Manufacturing: A Three-Phase Journey to Operational Excellence

Atul Mahamuni
Vice President, Internet of Things, Oracle



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