Extended Supply Chain Forum

Connect with the people who enable your products. 

The Extended Supply Chain Forum connects systems integrators, IC design, and manufacturing communities and fosters exploration and discussion of strategic issues that impact the entire supply chain. At the forum, you will meet the suppliers of equipment, materials, and services used to manufacture advanced devices, discover new capabilities to improve the performance and reduce the cost of next-generation products, and give direct input to the people who will enable your future success.

If you are involved in technical or business leadership, you need the latest industry information. SEMICON West provides you with strategic insights from industry thought leaders to enable you to assess the landscape, identify opportunities, and develop strategic plans. Come to SEMICON West and connect with people in your community, discover what's new, and discuss what it means for your business.


Tuesday, July 12

IC Design Summit
Keynote Stage, North Hall


Design for Auto 

Confirmed Speakers:

Session Moderator: Junko Yoshida, Chief International Correspondent , UBM Electronics

2:00–4:00 pm

Design for Security:How to Achieve Trusted IC and Trusted Products Across the Value Chain 

Confirmed Speakers:

Session Moderator: Mike Noonen, Silego Technology

Wednesday, July 13

Analog and New Frontiers
Keynote Stage, North Hall

This program will provide an in-depth review of the analog IC market including market size, applications drivers, trends, and key players, with a focus on new analog devices on the horizon. The event will provide a new forum for analog semiconductor manufacturers that is unique to analog manufacturing and technology. Sessions will examine potential applications for SEMICON West communities who are suppliers of equipment, materials, components, and services for analog device manufacturing.


Analog and New Frontiers: Market Drivers, the Applications and Design requirements, and the Supply Chain Challenges 

Confirmed Speakers:


Analog and New Frontiers: Equipment Supplier Forecast, Challenges Specific to the Manufacture and Test of Analog Devices 

Confirmed Speakers

Session Moderator: Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog​

Thursday, July 14

Smart Manufacturing 
Keynote Stage, North Hall

Whether it’s called Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, M2M or the digitization of production, the recent advances in low cost technologies for sensing, connecting, and analyzing masses of data will enable a next generation of disruptive improvement in even the highly sophisticated world of semiconductor and electronics systems manufacturing. This will mean new market opportunities for suppliers all along the value chain, and faster delivery of higher quality, more customized products for users at every level, from industrial and computing equipment and data networks to consumer products. But successful adoption of these new technologies of more data-driven, optimized manufacturing will require new approaches to integrate data from separate silos, and new collaboration through the supply chain on issues ranging from interoperability to IP protection.


Smart Manufacturing: The Key Opportunities and Challenges of the Next Generation of Manufacturing for the Electronics Value Chain 

Confirmed Speakers:

Session Moderator: Brian Haas,  VP, Global Customer Experience, KLA-Tencor


Smart Manufacturing: Profiting from Big Data Analytics and (even more) Advanced Process Control for Higher Yield, Higher Mix in the Front and Back End 

Session Chair: Thomas Sonderman, Vice President  and General Manager, Software, Rudolph Technologies

Confirmed Speakers:

Session Moderator: Ed Sperling, Editor-in-Chief, Sperling Media Group


The Extended Supply Chain Forum is free to all attendees. Registration is required, please register for the session(s) you plan to attend.

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