Advanced Packaging Forum

In the new microelectronics space, everything is up for grabs.

Rapidly changing new technologies, accelerated product life cycles, IoT devices, wearable electronics and a host of other developments are driving a paradigm shift.  What’s ahead?  And what will it mean for you?

Tomorrow’s electronics will demand totally new solutions including smaller form factors, lower power consumption, and flexible designs. How will these new devices be packaged?  At the Advanced Packaging Forum, you will learn about some of the latest assembly and packaging technologies—wafer-level packaging (WLP), fan out, and system in a package (SIP)—and how they will enable next-generation devices.

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Location: TechXPOT North 


Tuesday, July 12

10:30–12:30 pm

Packaging Photonics for Speed & Bandwidth 

Hosted by: SEMI Advanced Packaging Committee

Session Chairs:

  • Gnyaneshwar Ramakrishna, Cisco
  • Bill Bottoms, 3MTS

Confirmed Speakers:


Packaging Power - Enabling a Variety of Applications and Efficiency 

Hosted by: SEMI Advanced Packaging Committee
Session Chairs:

  • F. Patrick McCluskey, Ph.D, University of Maryland
  • Dr. Luu Nguyen, Ph.D., Texas Instruments

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Panel Discussion and Q&A

Wednesday, July 13


SiP Next 


System optimization and differentiation through heterogeneous integration and SiP for broad market application The vision for electronics serving society has gone above and beyond, and has crystalized into a grand vision of connected everything, cloud everywhere, and, smart devices for everyone. Analyst consensus is that there will be 50B+ connected devices by 2020, with smart applications encompassing homes, cities, wearables, safety and security protection, automotive, environment, agriculture, health, fitness, medical and many more. With this stunning myriad of innovative ‘things’ being designed and infiltrating global lifestyles at tremendous place, the enabling technologies behind such applications are taking center stage. New architecture and platforms are emerging to populate cloud infrastructures and to meet significant demand escalation for image-intensive applications, as well as data analytic-intensive applications such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Connectivity is more crucial than ever. And there’s also growing interest with the hotly-anticipated 5G capable smart phones and tablets, as well as the mobilized 5G infrastructure expected to launch with innovation already built-in for advanced image sensors, image processing, autonomous vehicles, big analytics and more. While it is expected that heterogeneous integration through SiP will play a crucial manufacturing role from devices to systems, many questions remain. Some examples of the questions are below:

  • What applications will be able to afford the leading edge nodes? And how will packaging come into play?
  • For IoT devices, how to establish differentiation with SiP and Heterogeneous Integration with both will legacy and advanced nodes.
  • How will the system-package co-design interface with chip package co-design?
  • How does package innovations be introduced and propagated through the ecosystem for the global IoT & Cloud market place.


SiP Next 1 – Processor - Memory/Analog Integration 

Co-presented with: 

Session Chairs:

  • William Chen,Ph.D. ASE Fellow, Senior Technical Advisory, ASE Group
  • Jean Trewhella, Director, Packaging Technology, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Confirmed Speakers:


SiP Next 2 - IoT & Smart Things - SiP Integration 

Co-presented with: 

Session Chairs:

  • Li Li, Ph.D.Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems

  • Dongkai Shangguan, Ph.D.Chief Marketing Officer, STATS ChipPAC

Confirmed Speakers:

  • When Robots See...
    Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, Ph.D, CTO & Director of Advanced Technology, Perceptual Computing, Intel
  • Opportunities for Integration in IoT
    Ivor Barber, Sr. Director, Package Technology Development, Xilinx
  • David Bolognia,SiP Packaging Manager, Analog Devices

Session Moderator: E. Jan Vardaman, TechSearch International

Thursday, July 14


Sensing the Future: Enabling Applications for a Smarter World 

Co-presented by: 

Session Chairs:

  • Rich Rice,Senior Vice President, ASE Group,  ASE 
  • Jim Walker, Vice President of Research, Gartner
  • Marc Papageorge, SPEC Sensors

Confirmed Speakers:


Packaging Developments for Flexible, Hybrid Electronics  

(Co-hosted with the FlexTech Alliance and NextFlex)

Session Chairs:

  • Mark Poliks, Professor, Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering & Applied Science Director, Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM), Binghamton University
  • Sesh Ramaswami, Applied Materials

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jason Marsh, Director of Technology, NextFlex
  • Urmi Ray, Qualcomm
  • Jeff Stuart, Lockheed-Martin
  • Nancy Stoffel, Sr. Engineer,Electronics Packaging, General Electric

  • Uniqarta Flexible Hybrid Electronics Assembly Technology
    Ronn Kliger, CEO, Uniqarta

  • Christopher Bower, Chief Technology Officer, X-Celeprint

  • George Westby, Chief Technology Officer, Universal Instruments


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