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In conjunction with SEMICON West and INTERSOLAR North America, the SEMI Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Division is organizing a three-day event to share information about sustainable semiconductor manufacturing.

Sustainable manufacturing is the process by which companies set and achieve business manufacturing objectives, based on traditional economic and financial factors, as well as non-conventional environmental and social factors. Some companies ignore these environmental and social factors, because they are considered to be non-market. But other companies have learned that if done with thoughtful consideration, incorporating these non-traditional variables into the calculus of business decision-making promotes more effective, efficient, profitable and ultimately, sustainable manufacturing operations.

The Sustainable Manufacturing Forum will showcase speakers from around the world involved in the manufacture of semiconductors, micro-electronics, photovoltaics (PV/solar), solid state lighting (LED), electronic display, micro-electrical machines (MEMS), printed and flexible electronics, and related high technology products. Critically important segments of the manufacturing supply chain will be represented at the Forum, including integrated semiconductor device manufacturers, semiconductor foundries, semiconductor design companies, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers, sub-systems assembly suppliers, facilities service suppliers, and relevant third parties. Experts from these industries and manufacturing segments will address a wide-range of environment, health, safety, sustainability, social responsibility, design, engineering, and management topics that are at the core of sustainable manufacturing.

Sessions and Topics Addressed

The Sustainable Manufacturing Forum will consist of three days of seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions, with at least sixteen hours of technical content. Professional networking opportunities are provided around these. The Forum will take place between Monday, July 13 and Wednesday, July 15 in San Francisco, California, USA.

The specific topics discussed during the Forum will be broken down into the following daily themes as follows:


Day 1: Sustainable Regulatory Compliance

The first day of the Forum will take place on Monday, July 13 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel. Experts will share the latest information on government legislation and regulations from countries around the world where SEMI members and their customers and supply chains operate or market products and services. Experts will also address industry-wide approaches for compliance. Specific topics may include: 

    • European REACH: Definition of Articles and Fluorinated Substance Restrictions
    • Taiwan REACH: Summary of the Newly Enacted Regulation
    • Korea REACH: Summary of the Newly Enacted Regulation
    • US TSCA Reform Legislation: Proposals from Congress
    • US TSCA: Fluorinated Substance Restrictions
    • US Energy Efficiency Regulations: Energy Efficiency in Industrial Motor
    • Regulatory Compliance Roundtable

For complete information about Day 1, including a formal agenda, please click here.


Day 2: Sustainable Technologies

The second day of the Forum will take place on Tuesday, July 14 at the Moscone Center. Experts will share the latest information on the environmental and social impacts of advanced technologies that are likely to be introduced into semiconductor manufacturing in the near future. Experts will also speak about technologies that address these impacts, to make manufacturing more sustainable. Specific topics may include:

    • EHS Considerations of Energenic MaterialsEHS Considerations of III-V Semiconductors
    • EHS Considerations of Advanced Manufacturing
    • EHS Considerations of Facilities Design
    • Energy Conservation: Idle Mode Considerations
    • Tool / Equipment Design Considerations
    • Sustainable Materials

For complete information about Day 2, including a formal agenda, please click here.


Day 3: Sustainable Supply Chains

The third day of the Forum will take place on Wednesday, July 15 at the Moscone Center. Experts will share the latest information on sustainable manufacturing concerns requiring customer / supply chain engagement. Experts will share approaches to engage supply chains and other relevant industry partners and stakeholders to promote the adoption of environmental and social factors into business manufacturing operations. Specific topics may include:

    • Supply Chain / Customer Engagement: Lessons Learned from the Electronics Industry
    • Supply Chain / Customer Engagement: Lessons Learned from the Chemical Industry
    • Customer Expectations for Equipment / Tool Suppliers
    • Customer Expectations for Materials Suppliers
    • Customer Expectations for Facilities Suppliers
    • Equipment Suppliers Expectations for Customers
    • Materials Suppliers Expectations for Customers
    • Compliance Challenges from an Equipment Supplier Perspectives
    • Supply Chain Roundtable

For complete information about Day 3, including a formal agenda, please click here.


Registration Fees


You must register to attend any portion of the Forum. You can register for a Single Day Pass that allows you to access all content during any single day of the Forum (either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday).

Single Day Pass Fees:


Before June 5

Starting June 6


$ 150

$ 200

Non Member

$ 200

$ 270


You can also register for a Forum Package Pass that allows you access to all content for all three days of the Forum (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday).

Forum Package Pass Fees:


Before June 5

Starting June 6


$ 300

$ 400

Non Member

$ 400

$ 540

More Information


For more information, please contact Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior EHS Manager) at




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