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3rd IEEE International Workshop on
Automated Test Equipment: ATEVision 2020

Event Code: ATE
Date: July 15, 2010
Time: 9:00am–5:00pm
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis

As in years past, this workshop will examine where the ATE industry is heading. Moore’s law continues to move forward with denser, large, faster, and highly heterogeneous devices coming our way. Further complications to this situation are the challenges associated with multiple cores on a die and the 3D trends enabled by die-stacking and thru-silicon-vias.

These issues, when added to ever increasing test complexity, cost-of-test, and time-to-market pressures, pose a significant challenge to the ATE industry. To meet these challenges the industry (ATE developers and end-users together) need to innovate in areas such as: shared interconnect technology, streamlined test program generation methods, and better integrated DFT tools.

This workshop is unique. We’re not necessarily looking for a standard paper filled with results; we are looking for speculation and creative brainstorming ideas. Let’s challenge ourselves and each other.

Keynote Address

ATE Countdown by Ron Leckie, CEO Infrastructure Advisors –

Mr. Leckie will reflect on ATE M&A activity and industry dynamics over the last 25 years as well as future expectations. He is also going to discuss on the pros and cons of in-house ATE solutions.

Nine Forward Looking Technical Papers – Guaranteed to make you think!

Papers on Leading Edge Test Techniques


Cisco -- DFT versus ATE and test gaps to watch out for


National -- Leveraging MEMs technology to do more at wafer test.


FormFactor – KGD testing challenges and solutions for TSVs


Cascade Microtech – 3D device testing challenges and solutions

Papers on Cost-of-Test


Teradyne – The value of leading edge test techniques such as Protocol Aware


LTXc – How to get better ATE flexibility together with a lower cost


DFT Micro – Low cost High speed testing

Test Software


Mentor – An EDA vendor’s perspective on the role of the ATE in the future


Portland State University – The future of Adaptive Testing techniques

Two Panel Sessions - Guaranteed to be a lively discussion !

The first session, moderated by Dan Hutcheson, CEO of VLSI Research, will hear from key ATE customers describing what they want from the ATE systems 10 years from now.

The second session is moderated by Rick Nelson, editor-in-chief of EDN and Test & Measurement World magazines, and includes CTO and key system architects from all the major ATE vendors. Their challenge is to describe what their thoughts are for the future while responding to that their customers described previously.

How close or how distant are the two sides when it comes to preparing for the future?  

Mounting device complexities and a changeable business climate continue to challenge the status-quo.  With devices  growing in the 3rd dimension and TD stacking and TSVs now a reality, the ATE industry must stand up to the challenges they present.  And, with MEMs now integrated into many-many ICs,  processors heading towards 1000 cores, and cell phones becoming the platform of choice for day-to-day personal computing, we need to find ways to adapt to the changing needs of our industry.

Who should attend

  • Semiconductor Test and Product Engineers/Managers
  • Test equipment users and developers
  • Analysts



by June 5

after June 5




IEEE Member Student



IEEE/SEMI Nonmember



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See the Call for Papers and find out more at: www.ATEVision.com

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