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Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 10:30am–1:00 pm


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Mobile Devices – cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and others – have demonstrated that raw IC performance alone is not sufficient to meet dynamic market needs. Packaging innovations, such as SiP and wafer level packaging, are being fully utilized to bridge the gap. This forum is designed to highlight the tremendous collaborative synergy across the electronics ecosystem, striving to meet market demands. What will be the next step? How will 3D Packaging and 3D IC be harnessed to provide the “coolest” mobile device products to meet the needs of the consumers and markets of the future?



(Presentation in PDF)

Steve Bezuk, Ph.D. (Biography)



Advanced Packaging for Tomorrow’s Mobile Devices: Markets and Technology Drivers
(Presentation in PDF)

E. Jan Vardaman (Biography)
President and CEO
TechSearch Inc.



Panel: “Lessons Learned and Road Ahead”
What are the lessons learned? And what does the road ahead look like? How will the supply chain work together moving ahead? What will be the business models? The industry has termed this heterogeneous integration and technology renaissance, “More than Moore”. We have brought together a team of industry experts to share and discuss their perspectives.


Jie Xue, Cisco

Phil Garrou, Microelectronic Consultants (Biography)(Presentation in PDF)
Rich Rice, ASE Group (Presentation in PDF)
Jim Walker, Gartner (Biography)(Presentation in PDF)
Albert Wu, Marvell (Presentation in PDF)


Session Moderator:

Rich Rice, ASE Group


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