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North Hall

Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 10:30am–1:00 pm

Advanced Processing and Materials


The demand for higher performance continues to drive the incorporation of new devices and technologies into semiconductor manufacturing. The new devices require new materials like high k gate and capacitor dielectrics, low k interlayer dielectrics, and engineered substrates. This session will feature presentations by device makers, equipment manufacturers, research labs and material suppliers describing these new technologies and how they have been or will be integrated into production.


10:30am -11:00am

Advanced Materials Enabling CMOS Scaling Roadmap
(Presentation in PDF)

Dirk Wouters (Biography)


11:00am – 11:20am

Emerging NV Memory Technologies
(Presentation in PDF)

Paul Kirsch, Ph.D. (Biography)
Director, Front End Processes


11:20am – 11:40am

Laser Spike Annealing: Meeting Technology
Development and Manufacturing Challenges for Sub 40nm CMOS Devices

(Presentation in PDF)

Jeff Hebb, Ph.D. (Biography)
Vice President of Laser Product Marketing


11:40am – 12:00pm

Recent Advances in TSV Processing Technology
(Presentation in PDF)

Sesh Ramaswami (Biography)
Senior. Director, Strategy
Applied Materials


12:00pm – 12:20pm

Advanced Gate Stack
(Presentation in PDF)

Atif Noori, Ph.D. (Biography)
Global Product Manager
Applied Materials


12:20pm – 12:40pm

Metrology Challenges
(Presentation in PDF)

Dilip Patel (Biography)
Program Manager, Metrology


12:40pm – 1:00pm

End of Roadmap and Post –CMOS Interconnects: Addressing Latency and Bandwidth Needs
(Presentation in PDF)

Robert Geer, Ph.D. (Biography)
Professor of Nanoscience and Vice President for Academic Affairs
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering


Session Moderator:

Rob Torres, Ph.D., Director of R&D, Gas Technology, Matheson Tri-Gas


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