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North Hall

Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 10:30am–12:30pm

Test Solutions


The current economic climate combined with the increasing dominance of consumer driven markets has created enormous pressures to lower the cost of test and develop new solutions to solve tough test problems. At the same time these cost pressures rise to new heights, advanced chip features, system functionality, performance goals, and package types have demanded continued innovation and advanced solutions in test. This session will explore the latest innovations in test technologies and ideas that meet today’s need for lower costs, system solutions and new test requirements.




“Simplified Test-in-Tray Technology”
(Presentation in PDF)

Thomas Di Stefano (Biography)
Centipede Systems



“Test in Carriers - The New Test Solution”
(Presentation in PDF)

Bernhard Lorenz (Biography)
Director Engineering



“Innovative System Test Solution for RF Modules”
(Presentation in PDF)

John Lukez (Biography)
Director of Product Marketing
Lite Point Corporation



“Test Operations Optimization and Adaptive Test Proliferation Across Enterprises”
(Presentation in PDF)

Debbora Ahlgren (Biography)
Vice President, Sales & Marketing



“Construction of Wafermaps for Analysis of Post-Packaging Final Test Data”
(Presentation in PDF)

Wesley Smith (Biography)
Director, Applications Engineering
Galaxy Semiconductor



“Accelerating Yield Ramps with On-Tester Scan Diagnosis”
(Presentation in PDF)

Jacob Orbon (Biography)
Director of Yield Products, DfX Solutions


Session Moderator

Robert Watson, STATS ChipPAC (Biography)


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