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SEMI/SEMATECH Presents: Product and Equipment Time Metrics Workshop

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July 15, 2010
San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Improvement in overall equipment efficiency and product cycle time can be facilitated if the total time under study is subdivided into small time elements which can be identified and quantified. The overall goal for the proposed Product and Equipment Time Metrics standard is improvement in both factory and equipment productivity through:

  • Establishment of new metrics to measure equipment and product (cycle time) efficiency
  • Establishment of a set of standardized time elements for use with the new metrics
  • Development of a methodology for data collection, analysis, and visualization of the time elements

This workshop will provide a forum to introduce the concept of “Product and Equipment Time Metrics” to the semiconductor industry. The concept of time metrics was considered an important new topic during the 2009 ITRS roadmap update and was added to the factory metrics within Factory Integration. Attendees at this 4-hour workshop will hear:

  • Proposed definitions, measurement methodologies, and data visualization approaches for these new metrics.
  • Examples using selected process and metrology equipment will be given to demonstrate typical time element definitions, measurements using existing equipment events, and visualization of the information to identify potential issues for further study.

An additional goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for obtaining feedback from workshop attendees on the concepts presented.




Product & Equipment Time Metrics

Marlin Shopbell, P.E. ISMI



Japan Cycle Time Metrics Task Force

Junji Iwasaki, Selete



Who should attend

Attendance at this workshop is open to device manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and others who have an interest in learning about a new approach to measuring productivity by subdividing the total time into small discrete time elements that occur during manufacturing. Participants will gain an understanding of the definition and use of the Time Metrics concepts as an alternative method for identifying, measuring, and improving factory and equipment productivity.



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