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SEMI Standards Presents: PV TCO Thin-Film Materials, Processes, Characterization Challenges and Standards Needs Workshop

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Event Code: PVTCO
July 14, 2010
San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Thin-film PV cell construction often includes Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) film on flat-glass substrates. These TCO films form the foundation for thin-film PV panels based on a-Si, micro-morph-Si, CdTe or CIGS technologies. Because TCO films are a key contributor to cell performance, their characteristics are important to many interests. However, such properties are complex to describe, produce, and characterize.

This workshop will explore TCO issues from several views, including producers of TF cells and glass, suppliers and users of coating & metrology tools. Central to this discussion will be the relation to cell efficiency of the multiple film morphologies, their optical and electrical properties, and probable future directions.

TCO film’s key role is optimizing photon capture by the cell’s absorber film. In-line TCO film processing is today a fait-accompli; monitoring that process off- or in-line challenges all participants. Surface morphology is a critical element – for both a film’s “top” (outer) surface and at the film-absorber interface. TCO film’s creation and characterization remain elusive properties. Workshop discussion will include: TCO morphological characteristics, TCO properties vs. wavelength, incident polarization and illumination angles, unique determination of optical properties and other material parameters, a practical TCO film adhesion test and the relation of film adhesion to cell life.

A key to the success of future thin film TCO manufacturing is improved factory productivity through standardized equipment and processes. Through standardization the industry can achieve the technological and economical goals of this emerging technology.

We hope to identify participants willing to provide guidance and support with the development of new standards. It is anticipated that participants will also be prepared to share their thoughts and experiences dealing with TCO films – in production as well as development.



Optimal Glass Substrate for TCO Deposition

Alain Garnier, General Manager, Saint-Gobain Solar Glass N.A.

Scattered Thoughts on Monitoring TCO

Dr. John Stover, President / CEO The Scatter Works, Tucscon, AZ

Coffee & Breakfast

Electrical and Spectral Measurements of TCO Film

Chris Moore, President / CEO, Semilab USA

Overview of Proposed SEMI Doc 4921 Guide for Defining Angle Resolved Light Scatter Measurements to Monitor Roughness and Texture of PV Materials

Win Baylies, President / CEO BayTech Group, Lincoln, MA



Who should attend

Process Engineers, Production Managers, TCO Material Engineers
working in PV Glass Processing/Coating process lines, thin film panel and module companies. Suppliers of Process Tools, Metrology/Inspection Tools and Packaging Materials should also benefit from this workshop. All others interested in implementing standards related to TCO film processes.



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