Semiconductor R&D

 R&D engineers attend SEMICON West to meet with customers, suppliers and learn about the latest trends and developments in nanoelectronics technology, manufacturing science and R&D management. To better serve this audience, TechXPOT programs on wafer processing, packaging/3DIC, lithography, metrology, and more are offered to efficiently and quickly summarize the latest and most important developments in key technologies and processes. In addition to bringing the industry’s leading experts together to discuss the latest technology developments, several programs are available from leading consortia and other organizations that address new ideas and opportunities in R&D process management.


At SEMICON West, R&D engineering and science professionals will learn:

  • The latest achievements and technology status in lithography, wafer processing, 3D IC, metrology and more from leading manufacturers, consortia and suppliers
  • The key R&D challenges and barriers in sub-20nm wafer processing
  • Current programs and collaboration opportunities from industry consortia
  • The latest R&D tools and processes available to accelerate and improve the efficiency of the R&D function
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