Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Speeding on the Roadmap-The Future of 3D NAND Flash

Hosted by the Chemical & Gases Manufacturer Group (CGMG) of SEMI

TechXPOT North, North Hall


Based on the realization that there are perhaps one or two more shrinks for planar NAND flash devices, several memory producers recently announced plans for various technology approaches to next generation 3D NAND memory devices, with samples expected in 2014.  In comparison to planar NAND, 3D NAND will offer higher endurance, faster write speed and lower power consumption, while at the same time relaxing the lithography requirements.  Instead of a lithography-driven roadmap, and the associated costs of double patterning and other critical lithography steps, memory device producers will rely on advanced etch and deposition processes, which are inherently less expensive than critical lithography processes.  In addition, the need for advanced materials, with low temperature deposition, selective etch, critical clean and planarizing capabilities will also be critical in bring these new 3D NAND technologies to market.


This two hour forum will investigate the markets for new devices; review new device structures; shed light on critical thin film technologies; discuss the implications for materials suppliers, and: allow participants to ask questions of industry leaders.

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