SEMICON West 2013 Keynotes and Executive Panels
Keynote Stage, Esplanade Hall

SEMICON West 2013 will featured a powerful line-up of industry experts and business leaders on our Keynote Stage (Esplanade Hall), who will offer their views and visions on the future of microelectronics,  exploring the trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the global industry.



Tuesday July 9, 2013

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Opening Keynote

Ajit Manocha

Keynote Abstract: Foundry-driven Innovation in the Mobility Era

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Wednesday, July 10

                   R&D Panel Sponsored by:    
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SEMICON West 2013 R&D Panel – “A Conversation on the Future of Semiconductor Technology”               

Never before has the confluence of technological and financial challenges in semiconductor design, process technology and manufacturing threatened the continued progress of Moore’s Law.  The emergence of multiple, non-planar transistor architectures, stacked 3D IC methodologies, 450mm wafer processing, and the continued uncertainty on high-volume EUV lithography have placed enormous burdens on R&D efficiency, effectiveness and synergy/dependency across the IC manufacturing and design supply chain.  These core R&D challenges affect all sectors of the electronic products ecosystem—including system developers in mobile, computing, communications and other products; IDMs, fabless and foundry players; EDA solution providers; equipment and subsystem manufacturers; and advanced materials suppliers. Collaborative research consortia will play increasingly vital roles in addressing and overcoming these challenges, offering both discovery and solution outcomes essential to keeping pace with Moore’s Law, but also providing an essential “collaboration framework” where technical contributions and synergies from all sectors of the industry are increasingly required to achieve industry-wide goals.

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Michael Liehr

Dr. Laurent Malier

Dr. Luc Van den hove Photo
Daniel Armbrust
President & CEO

Dr. Michael Liehr
Executive VP

Dr. Laurent Malier
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Luc Van den hove
President & CEO



Wednesday, July 10

                  Executive Panel Sponsored By:  Lam Logo

SEMICON West 2013 Executive Panel – “A Promising but Challenging Future”

This panel brings industry leaders together to address the immediate and long-term outlook for semiconductor manufacturing, while directly confronting the most controversial issues in the microelectronics ecosystem.


The convergence of critical new microelectronics manufacturing technologies, including vertical transistors (FinFETs), 3D-IC, 450mm, and EUV,  hold the promise of driving continued cost reduction and performance needs beyond the 20nm node— but getting there remains rife with technical and business challenges and potential roadblocks. How the global microelectronics supply chain works together to address these challenges will probably determine the industry's profitability and growth over the coming decade. The SEMICON West 2013 Executive Panel will address questions surrounding the development and adoption of critical new technologies, and the business challenges of moving these technologies from the pilot line to production.
Martin Anstice
Nobu Koshiba
Bertrand Loy Wally Rhines Denny McGuirk - President & CEO SEMI
Martin Anstice
President & CEO
Lam Research 
  Nobu Koshiba
JSR Corporation
Bertrand Loy

President & CEO


  Walden Rhines
CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mentor Graphics

Denny McGuirk
President & CEO



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