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John Daniels, Esq
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Articulated Technologies, LLC

Mr. Daniels is a successful innovator with a succession of notable inventions sold to industry leading companies. In 1996, after years of work, he built the world's first prototype that enables the live pausing of broadcast television. Most recently, he assigned his intellectual property rights to the “television pause button” and related interactive television patents to Microsoft.

A “serial inventor”, in 1998 he invented and filed patents for a thin, lightweight, mobile, video display system that permits multiple simultaneous users to access the Internet, broadcast television, computer and videophone services, wirelessly through a single remotely located server. To be commercially successful, these innovations require a low cost, robust flat panel video display. In 2002, while tracking the advances of the flat panel display industry, he came across a new promising technology known as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED). This technology was, and still is, touted universally as the “next big thing” in the electronic display market. However, further investigation indicated that enormous market potential for OLAM displays was and continues to be held back precisely because there is no viable method for forming and preserving the required ultra-thin film organic layers.

Drawing on two of his own earlier inventions, a microcapsule full-color printer (US Patent Nos. 5,231,450 and 5,424,822), and an electrorheological braking device (US Patent Nos. 5,409,435, 6,027,429 and 5,573,088), Mr. Daniels began creating the solution to the OLED fabrication issue. John founded Articulated Technologies and has over 50 groundbreaking inventions in the OLED and Solid-State Lighting fields filed in US and International patents and patent applications.

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