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Extreme Electronics– South Hall

Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 2:00pm–4:30pm

Micro Manufacturing for Micro Energy Systems: Progress in Energy Harvesting, Storage and Low Power Systems Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks


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Ever increasing demand for longer battery life for wireless devices is driving innovation in energy harvesting and storage. This major recent progress in MEMS and thin film energy harvesting devices, innovative nano-structured or solid-state thin film batteries, and ultra low power systems is enabling practical wireless sensor systems for everything from medical applications to industrial monitoring. Sector leaders report on the progress on commercial systems, and the opportunities it presents for the supply chain.



Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications and Energy Requirements
(Presentation in PDF)

Kristofer Pister, Ph.D. (Biography)
Founder and Chief Technologist
Dust Networks

Professor, Electrical Engineering an Computer Sciences
UC Berkeley



Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Fabricated by MEMS Technology
(Presentation in PDF)

Raffaella Borzi, Ph.D. (Biography)
Director Business Development



Energy Harvesting - Meso-to Micro-scale Technologies
(Presentation in PDF)

Robert Andosca. (Biography)
Founder, President and CTO
MicroGen Systems



Design Tradeoffs and Considerations for Thermal Energy Harvesting Systems 
(Presentation in PDF)

Edward Siivola (Biography)
Advanced Development Engineer
Nextreme Thermal Solutions



Embedded Energy for Point of Load Powering
(Presentation in PDF)

Steve Grady (Biography)
Vice President Marketing
Cymbet Corporation



Thin-Film Micro-Energy Cells as the Ideal Energy Storage Solution for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
(Presentation in PDF)

Tim Bradow (Biography)
Vice President, Technical Marketing and Business Development
Infinite Power Systems



New Process Technologies are the Key to Practical Large Format Solid-State Batteries(Presentation not available)
Scott Faris (Biography)
Founder and CEO
Planar Energy


Session Moderator:

Margery Conner, Technical Editor, Power and Components
EDN Magazine (Biography)


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