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SEMI/Gartner Market Symposium

Event Code: MKTSYMP
July 12, 2010
San Francisco Marriott Marquis

The SEMI Market Symposium, co-sponsored by SEMI and Gartner, provides a midyear market update as well as a forum to discuss pertinent business issues. SEMI and Gartner will present market forecasts and analysis for the semiconductor, capital equipment and semiconductor materials industries.



Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dean Freeman, Vice President, Research, Gartner


Keynote Speaker:
Suresh Venkatesan, Ph.D.
Vice President, Alliance Technology Development

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration
As the technology industry continues its relentless march forward, the semiconductor manufacturing landscape is evolving to adapt to new realities. The largest fabless companies are getting even larger, while the customer base at advanced technologies is becoming concentrated. The cost of leading-edge technology development is exploding and IDMs are moving to fablite and increasingly fabless models. These trends put the foundry industry at center stage, and highlight the critical need to continue the pace of technology scaling. This presentation will explore how collaboration and early engagement can be leveraged to overcome the three key challenges to technology scaling: lithography, materials, and package integration.


Bob Johnson, Vice President, Research, Gartner (Biography)

Beyond the Horizon: Semiconductor Market Update”
The recovery is well under way, and 2009 promises to be a boom year by any measure, but what’s next?  Once the industry returns to more normal levels of business, what is the longer trend prognoses for industry growth? What are the key drivers of the Semiconductor industry? What major forces will shape the equipment industry for the next few years. Gartner latest forecasts or the next five years will be presented, along with an analysis of what these mean for the equipment industry.


Dan Tracy, Senior Director, Industry Research and Statistics, SEMI (Biography)

"SEMI Update: Materials and Equipment Outlook"
The semiconductor equipment and materials industries have improved substantially over the past 12 months.  The semiconductor industry unit recovery has been driving stronger material sales coming out of the downturn and into 2010. The equipment market has improved as well as device makers boosted capital spending plans in response to improved demand. 

The presentation will cover the latest year-to-date figures for semiconductor equipment and materials, along with the current SEMI outlook in these segments for the remainder of the year and into 2011.




Dean Freeman, Vice President, Research, Gartner (Biography)

“Empowering Foundry Technology Movers in the New Era”
The advanced technology competitive landscape of the foundry industry is changing rapidly in the past recent years. At the top of the echelon is now a battle between two main technology camps, namely TSMC versus IBM centric technology. As competition intensifies, leading edge technology players should strategically position themselves to better excel in the new and challenging business environment. 


Christian Gregor Dieseldorff., Senior Analyst, Fab Information & Analysis SEMI (Biography)

Worldwide Fab Trends and Forecast"
We expect a total of about 48 facilities to close in 2009 and 2010. Installed capacity declined 3-4% in 2009. First large investments were planned for upgrading existing facilities but now more companies begin to invest in capacity.

Using the bottom-up approach SEMI's World Fab Forecast predicted already a growth for fab spending of over 60% for 2010 back in June 2009. Latest reports issued in 2010 beat that prediction.

The presentation will look into past trends and give an outlook until end 2011.


Jim Walker, Vice President, Research, Gartner (Biography)

“3D: Adaptable Manufacturing for the Next Decade”
Electronic systems continue to get more complex. Integration using the third dimension creates the required form factor in a shorter time while enabling the necessary functions in the final product. Semiconductor manufacturing methods using 3D interconnects help enable fast, effective IT hardware solutions


Closing Remarks

Speakers and agenda subject to change

You will learn

  • Updated industry outlook, market analysis and forecast for semiconductors, equipment and materials
  • Market trends, opportunities and issues impacting SEMI members, their customers and the industry as a whole

Who should attend

  • Senior professionals in marketing
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Business development
  • Consulting and product planning.
  • Finance



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